Zippers may fall into disrepair, clothing may rip or buttons become loose; but there’s no reason to ditch these items. At the Zipper Studio, we as aspire to mend your beloved things rather than throwing them out. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your damaged goods and restore them to their former glory. We have expertise in all areas of sewing, from alterations to custom construction. If it’s broken, we can fix it.


Zipper & Slide Repair

If you zipper is splitting open, missing teeth or simply not working, we can make it right. We have a selection of high quality YKK zippers in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. Come in during our normal business hours, and we can correct the problem.


Mending & Patching

We believe its better for your pocketbook and for the environment to repair your articles when possible. We can repair worn jeans, reattach snaps and buttons, and sew up accidental tears. Chances are, if its damaged, we can refurbish it.


Alterations & Custom Project

Tailoring garments can elevate them from boxy and ill-fitting to a piece of sophisticated fashion. Our affordable pricing allows you to upgrade your wardrobe or alter an outfit for a special occasion. We can perform alteration on most garments including: dress pants, bridesmaid dresses, formalwear, jeans, costumes and more. We can handle most custom projects as well: sewing on patches for your uniform or leather jacket, designing on-of-a-kind items, or creative solutions to a problem piece. Call to schedule a fitting or a one-on-one sit down to get your project started. 920 457 4213.